Farm Action Fund is building the political muscle to fight corporate monopolies in our food and agriculture system.
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Written by farmers, our policy platform for candidates is a guide to fighting monopoly power and building fair, competitive food and agriculture markets.
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In our fight for a Fair Farm Bill, we're taking on powerful corporate agriculture interests — and we need your help!
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Farmers are being forced to pay into corrupt government checkoff programs. Call on Congress to pass the OFF Act!
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Want to end the corporate control of our food system? Join Farm Action Fund’s movement to stop corporate monopolies, hold government accountable, and build fair competition in rural America.

Why We Fight

Farm Action Fund is fighting to break the corporate monopoly stranglehold on our country’s agricultural policies. For us, the fight for a fair food system is personal. 
Watch this short film to learn more about our farmer-led organization. 


Farm Action Fund takes the fight to our capitols and the ballot box by supporting policies that dismantle industrial agriculture and shift power into the hands of individuals all along the food supply chain. In the past year alone, we have worked with members of Congress to develop our policy recommendations into 20 different pieces of legislation.

Fair Farm Bill Campaign

With the right policies in place, the next farm bill could transform our food system into one that pays farmers and workers a fair price for delivering nutritious, affordable food. In our fight for a #FairFarmBill, we are taking on powerful corporate agriculture interests — and we need your help!

Farm Action Fund in the News

Stop Forcing Farmers to Fund their Own Demise. Pass the OFF Act.

Government checkoff programs have been hijacked by corporate lobbyists working against the best interests of the farmers forced to fund them. The bipartisan OFF Act would restore transparency and accountability to these programs.