About Us


Farm Action Fund is building the political muscle to stop corporate monopolies and build fair competition in rural America.


We envision a fair, sustainable, and healthy food system that empowers farmers, ranchers, and rural communities to feed their neighbors.


We are bold in our actions and relentless in our pursuit of a food and agriculture system that works for everyone, not just a handful of powerful corporations. We work collaboratively to build the strength to win this fight. We act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.

“No market currently exists to set a fair price for our farmers and ranchers to be paid.” Senator Cory Booker describes how Farm Action Fund inspired him to take on corporate monopolies in agriculture.  

Our Origin Story

Building the Political Muscle to Stop Abusive Corporate Monopoly Power

From unfair agriculture markets to worker abuses, inhumane animal conditions, and environmental degradation, our founders saw a common theme in our food and agriculture system: at the root of all these issues lies monopolistic corporate control, impacting every one of us. 

By connecting and supporting unlikely allies, we spread awareness that abusive corporate power is the common adversary to a resilient and just food and agriculture system. Our mission keeps the interconnectedness of the land, animals, workers, farmers, ranchers, and communities at the forefront of this fight.

Today, Farm Action Fund takes the fight to our capitols and the ballot box by supporting policies that dismantle industrial agriculture and shift power into the hands of individuals all along the food supply chain. Headquartered in Missouri, we are a political nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization. Farm Action, a tax-deductible charitable 501(c)(3) organization, is our research and education affiliate.

Together, our two organizations represent a seamless chain of action from research and policy development, to the adoption of the policy through legislative action by elected officials who support our vision.