Meatpacker Investigation Builds Momentum: Farm Action Fund Calls on Kansas Officials to Follow Missouri’s Lead

Today, Kansas rancher and Farm Action Fund member, Mike Callicrate, sent letters to the Kansas Attorney General, House Speaker, and Senate President calling for an investigation of monopoly meatpacker abuses in Kansas. The call comes in the wake of Missouri’s move to investigate similar issues: widespread, meatpacker-led beef price-fixing and collusion. The results of meatpackers’ schemes are rising prices for consumers and low compensation for those selling cattle. 

In his letter, Mike Callicrate presses Kansas officials to use their subpoena power to investigate how large meatpackers have reaped record profits during a time when cattle producers are receiving record low levels of compensation for their live cattle.

Mike Callicrate, independent Kansas cattle rancher and member of Farm Action Fund, stated: “Why are these meatpackers prospering while cattle ranchers are going bankrupt? Why are cattle ranchers forced to either work for pennies on the dollar, or get out of the business altogether? This wouldn’t happen in a competitive market. The consequences are far reaching: rural communities are lost and wealth within the state is being drained. It is the responsibility of Kansas officials to put a stop to this and bring to light what has been kept in the dark for too long.”

Farm Action Fund will provide Kansas officials with the support needed to take on the big meatpackers. Any farmers and ranchers who have been harmed by these packers are encouraged to reach out to and share their story. All identifying information from these communications will be kept confidential. Farm Action Fund will continue to fight side by side with farmers, ranchers, rural communities, and ultimately all those who eat, for an inclusive economy where all have the right to share in the prosperity they’ve helped build.

Media Contact: Angela Huffman,