Food and Farm Groups Support Confirmation of Lina Khan as FTC Commissioner

Today, 33 food and farm groups, led by Farm Action Fund, sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in support of Lina Khan’s confirmation as FTC Commissioner.

The letter supports Khan with the understanding that she is “a leading scholar and voice in antitrust with a bold legal and policy vision for protecting farmers and ranchers, workers, small farms and businesses, and bolstering an economy where all have a right to share in the prosperity they help build.”

The supporting organizations agree that “Khan distinctly realizes addressing concentrated power in agriculture and labor is dire to protect all farmers, ranchers, and workers, especially those who are socially disadvantaged, limited-resource, or smaller-scale.”

Bringing about fair market opportunities in the food system will require a strong leader with knowledge and experience in antitrust work. Farm Action Fund Alliance and 32 additional organizations believe that Lina Khan is the person for the job.

Media Contact: Angela Huffman,