Farm Action Fund Releases Policy Platform for 2024 Candidates

Today Farm Action Fund released a “Food and Agriculture Policy Platform for Candidates, Written for Farmers by Farmers.” 

At a time when polling shows that most Americans support stronger antitrust laws, and rural voters in particular are motivated by the fight against corporate greed, Farm Action Fund developed this platform to help candidates take a strong position against monopoly power in the food system.

Organized into two pillars, “Leveling the Playing Field” and “Rebuilding a Food System that Benefits All,” the platform’s recommendations would dismantle the policy and financial structures that exclusively benefit corporate monopolies, and empower farmers, ranchers, and rural communities to feed America.

“This election year, we have a major opportunity to restore fairness to our food and agriculture markets — and even revive the spirit of democracy in America,” said Joe Maxwell, president of Farm Action Fund. “If officials at every level of government pushed for these actions on behalf of American farmers, we would have a fair, sustainable, and healthy food system that benefits us all.”

Farm Action Fund’s policy platform can be read in full here.

Media Contact: Dee Laninga,, 202-450-0094